Not all crossroads intersect

Why do two individuals meet? Is it desire or a Genuine connection?? Nobody will ever know. It resembles a murder secret that will never be unraveled. The word relationship, does it mean anything? Anything by any stretch of the imagination? Yes, it does. It implies opportunity, possessiveness, a thing called love which two individuals need to respect. Since remaining with somebody consequently gives you an obligation to tend to them and accommodate them. Frequently, individuals expect that when you adore somebody , you control them , you possess them and on account of that things can take a terrible turn. Words are instituted in light of the fact that they fill a need, when individuals just don’t trust in them , why do we even allude to it. I don’t believe that when the word relationship was authored, the creator understood that it would fill no need in the cutting edge world. These days, individuals meet up and leave without giving a clarification, imagining that the individual who is left sorrowful will comprehend and recuperate with time. I’m sad, that is not the best approach to manage things. Being a weakling indicates how little a human you are. Not understanding the way that the individual took off alone should manage his/her own evil presences. Relations resemble structures, must be made step by step however tragically the establishment is feeble and before long the weight can’t be managed. That is the reason streets are left untravelled and individuals modest away and live in their own shadows. 
This is my story and I will tell it my way.


That is the thing about the 21st century. The way one human has wrapped his hands around himself, bowing down into the empty space in the middle of his hands and body, endeavouring to figure the explanation behind his hopelessness, others take after not understanding the antagonism that they spread and how it influences the blameless ones. When this way is picked and individuals step onto it, there is no turning back, going further and more profound into the void and loosing association with the outside world rationally and profoundly, similar to a dead cadaver strolling. The main accessible answer for leave is love. It is a type of acknowledgment by friends and family or by the manipulative society that capacitates today. The day individuals are adored and not judged on account of their wrongdoings, not a solitary human would be hopeless and planet earth would be an upbeat place to live on.